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Buddhist Temple Paintings featuring Keanu Reeves, Superman, Rocket Ships and Nuclear Bombs

In Thailand ist mit Wat Rong Khun der wohl ungewöhnlichste Buddhisten Tempel der Neuzeit entstanden mit Superman, Keanu Reaves, dem Predator, Spider-Man, Bat Man, Atombomben und Raketenschiffen an den Wänden.

Designed in white with some use of mirrors, the color symbolizes Lord Buddha’s purity, and the mirror stands for Lord Buddha’s wisdom that “shines brightly all over the Earth and the Universe.”  The bridge leading to the temple represents the crossing over from the cycle of rebirth to the Abode Of Buddha. The small semicircle before the bridge represents the human world. The big circle with fangs is the mouth of Rahu is a representation of hell or suffering and the impurities of the human mind (similar to the Christian concept of original sin).  All of the paintings inside the ubosot (assembly hall) have golden tones. The four walls, ceiling and floor contain paintings showing an escape from the defilements of temptation to reach a celestial “all seeing” state.  On the roof, there are four kinds of animals representing earth, water, wind and fire. The elephant stands for the earth; the naga (Buddhist grouping of serpent deities) stands for water; the swan’s wings represent wind; and the lion’s mane represents fire.

Undoubtedly the most bizarre element of the design is the presence of contemporary images throughout the interior. Images of the Predator from the Schwarzenegger film franchise, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Avatar, Keanu Reeves’ character in the Matrix, rocket ships, and others line the walls. The sea of hands holding skulls rising up towards the bridge to the temple is also very striking.

Man hat das wohl aus touristischen Gründen getan und Buddha soll es abgenickt haben. via boingboing & io9