20.07.2012 5

Die kasachischen Spacehörnchen vom Baikonur Kosmodrom


Overall on the Internet in T-10, 9 , 8 … Dem kleinen Racker geht es laut Youtube-Kommentar auch ganz gut … 3, 2 , 1 …

He already did survive the recent SES-5 launch, unless the ground hogs have a vast brave expendable army that we do not know about. They are common at all the pads in Baikonur from what I saw during the last mission I worked there. They go pretty deep down under anyway mate and is perpendicular to the flame trenches, so unless a rocket explodes there is no possible way they can be in the line of fire.

via seitvertreib und ein Teil meiner Headline wurde von Doktor Katze inspiriert