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Magnetresonanztomografie einer Geburt

Ärzten der Charite Berlin ist es erstmals gelungen eine Geburt mit einem speziellen offenen Magnetresonanztomographen zu beobachten, wie diese spektakuläre Aufnahme beweist, von deren Anatomie ich dann allerdings doch etwas schockiert war. Aber ich bin kein Arzt. Kind und Mutter soll es den Ärzten zu Folge gut gehen.

A team comprised of obstetricians, radiologists and engineers have built an “open” MRI scanner that allows a mother-to-be to fit fully into the machine and give birth there, the hospital announced on Tuesday.

The MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner has already taken unique images of the body of a mother and the movement of her baby through the birth canal to the point where its head emerges into the world. The birth that took place in the scanner went smoothly and both mother and baby were in good health, a hospital spokeswoman said.

The birth was the culmination of a two-year project by the research team. MRI uses powerful magnets to magnetise some atoms in the body which makes them detectable to radio waves. Importantly, it can make cross-section images of a subject, showing intricate detail of soft tissue and bones in the body.

MRI scans live birth via mindhacks

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