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Videotones Project Releases Triplet Of New Clips: Care, Interlude and Seed Of Idumea

Ist schon etwas länger her als man das letzte Mal von Eric Kleptone’s Videotones Projekt hörte, welches sich das Ziel gesetzt hat, alle Songs des Albums Uptime/Downtime mit entsprechenden Videoclips umzusetzen. Innerhalb der letzten zwei Tage sind gleich drei neue Clips erschienen, von denen mich so wirklich nur “Care” überzeugen kann, was wohl an den Evil Dead Bildzitaten und Faith No More liegen muss.

Faith No More’s original video for the song ‘We Care A lot’ has been cut and spliced to form the main basis of the video, while the lyrics ‘it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it’ have been interpreted by taking clips featuring a number of serious dudes, on a serious mission, kicking some serious ass.

Nach dem Klick gibt es die beiden anderen Clips für euch.

With his second addition to the Videotones project, editor Brad Mackey from Crappy Logo Productions takes a darker approach to kicking off the Downtime album. Videos from all over the internet were pulled together to make “Interlude” transform into a melodic and almost esoteric video that starts Downtime on an almost sinister tone.

So many different ways to die, and death may be around any corner. That is a fact, but make sure this doesn’t make you stop from living and enjoying life!

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